Hi Folks

Welcome to my new website, the central hub for all things Mat Motte related!

The big news is I've recently finished writing & recording material for my DEBUT SOLO ALBUM and we're now working on a release campaign. I've added some songs to our Soundcloud account for you to peruse before you eventually buy the complete article (go on you know you want to!) You could also send me a message on Twitter and I'll enthrall you with one of my best debauched anecdotes! Or you could just watch me jump around like a lunatic on You Tube, it's all here, Links to all our networking can be found at the bottom of the page.

Though my solo material is mainly Hip Hop, Electro funk and Disco influenced, I also write & play in a shock-rock, duo called Shock Horror! Come check us out at www.facebook.com/shockhorrormusic

To quote LL Cool J, "Don't call it a come back, i've been here for years, rockin' my peers and putting sucka's in fears"

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